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    Prayer_an-invitation-to-prayer Prayer is so important- it is truly our special time with God. It is the time, the breathing out of our life in a sense that we do together with God. Of course we can spend this time asking for the healing, protection over, strength for us, our family and friends but imagine this if you have yet to; God is not only your God, He is indeed your Papa and you His little child. What this means whether you are man or woman, “tough”, introverted, leader, doer, sinner, CEO, artist, toilet bowl cleaner etc, it means you have this amazing Father who knows everything about you and He loves you more than anyone could ever love you. It does not matter the cause behind your last 5 weeks, 5 months or five years. What matters is what is in that five minutes more or less of course that you spend with Him in prayer. Prayer that is you and He spending time in the telling from your heart and the listening of His answers. Prayer is also never saying anything at all and The Holy Spirit will for you with sure groans of things that are too deep for words (amazing experience this is). Prayer is going over your day with God and meditating on His word. Prayer is about changing our hearts, not routine words that sometimes take over our prayer life just to say that we prayed. Prayer is our connection with our true family, Our God that we have in inheritance of Jesus Christ. In prayer we are given guidance, we allow the world to step back and disappear and we allow the eternal perspective of our hearts to be led by The Spirit. What would be the first thing you may say to God upon being in front of Him? We certainly come into His presence in prayer, so tell Him those words, don’t wait. It will change your heart and your existence here into something that grows for Him and also brings light to others. If we keep quite in our time of prayer because of tradition or timidness or just feeling lost for words, go somewhere quite close your eyes and know God is with you just waiting to hear the deep parts of your heart.


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    10397128_10152063610121895_2190495167701880746_o I often spend time alone thinking about how things work. Things like you and me and how we approach and react to one another. I usually sit long in these thoughts. I allow what I find to overcome me, usually in a drowning fashion due to the nature of the subject mater. Humans are not very good stewards of other humans. We don’t value others as much as we should enough to give constant lovingkindness to one another. Human are mean. Humans are selfish. Not a new thought but none the less something i take to God in prayer often.

    Sitting in these thoughts for enough time and drowning in my own awful discoveries of us all and who we are, leaves me searching upward for answers and for healing. There is a hurt that is alive moving through all of us. We choose to become our human selves everyday and create mountains of hurt that we throw at others because if we didn’t we would become so heavy we would never be able to keep up with the forward we need to go. Mr. This meets Mr. That and This gives That something and That becomes more like This and needs to do something with That and it goes on and on, an assembly line of the same this and that junk that we feed off of. We try to make our junk look good and behave properly and really all we are left with is junk.

    We should not collect junk. We don’t use it but we consume it, the junk of the in between of all of us. We keep it, not to share it but to own it. We own it not because we like what it is and how it molds us but it keeps us from being true. Truth is raw, truth makes us uncomfortable because most of the people around us do not like it and it makes us much too different than the rest of the world. We keep collecting junk because it keeps our hands full enough to not carry truth. The junk will never add to anything except a pile we can not see past.

    The thing about God is that He wants our junk. His ability to make our junk meaningless and into nothing is a part of who He is. He does this through our coming to Him in prayer. Prayer is more than a request it is a meaningful communication with God. The creator who thought to make you and made me wants to spend time with us. Next time you feel disconnected from God know this: He made you to communicate with Him. He made you just exactly as you are and you are postured perfectly to spend time communicating with Him. He also knows every thing about you and me. There is nothing hidden from Him. Not even your secret stash of junk. What are you holding onto? What is it that keeps you carrying such a heavy load and pushing people around with it and thinking you need to keep dragging this stuff around? God is saying to you and Me, give me your junk. Pick a time, a space a quiet moment and bring Him all you have. He wants to take it and make it disappear and empty you enough to fill you up with the important things you need. The things that will help you grow, help you to help others grow and help you to stop being so human. He wants you to be less human and more like Him. He wants us to be of Truth.

    Pray often but not requesting things that really don’t matter. Pray by bringing your heavy load of junk to the floor, dump it down…stay on your knees and let it all go. Talk to Him about what got you there that day, why that junk collects in your arms. Talk to Him, tell Him what you yearn to really have as meaning in your life. Tell Him the things that you love, the things that not only make your heart sing but that brightens up the lives of others. Tell Him the things that are true to you. Ask Him how He can use you to make meaning here on earth. Pray knowing that you were made in His image, that you are supposed to be living to be more like Him, not yourself. In this you will know that our lives are not about the junk of being human at all. Live like that, pray like that and start loving others like that.


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    Matthew 6:9

    Pray, then, in this way: “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name.”

    imagesThe two most important words in that pattern prayer are the first two words, “Our Father.”

    First of all, we need to know that we can pray to a Father, that the world is not just a haphazard set of circumstances. It is not just a silly notion of materialistic forces which no one can understand or control. We are more than just machines. We are more than just impulses. We are living, breathing human beings, created in the likeness of a God who loves us and cares for us and wants to be our Father. Behind everything in this world is not just some inanimate force, some mysterious power, but an eternal, living being, and He is our Father. He is in control. He created the world. He created us. He put us in the world. We are here because He put us here. That makes all the difference in the way we feel about life, about the world, about situations and circumstances. We don’t need to be lonely. We don’t need to be insecure. Everything is in the Father’s hand.

    And then, “He is our Father,” He has a lot of children. We are just one of those children. We need to remember that the others are His children, too. We need to think about them, we need to care for one another. We need to be kind to one another. We need to provide for one another. We need to show the same love and compassion for one another that He shows for us. Remember, it’s our Father.

  • PRAYER NOV 14 2013

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    Fredericksburg VA Pray God, our Father, grant us all through this day patience with things and patience with people.

    If any task becomes difficult, grant us the perseverance which will not admit defeat.

    If any problem will be to hard to solve, help us not to abandon it, until we have found the solution.

    If things don’t come out the first time, help us to try and try again, until failure becomes success.

    Help us all through today never to lose our temper with people, however unfair, unjust, annoying and unpleasant they may be.

    Help us to have time to listen to anyone who wants to talk to anyone who wants to talk to us about a worry, a problem or need.

    Help us to be patient with those who are slow to learn and slow to understand.

    Help us through this day to work as Jesus worked, and to love as Jesus loved.  This we ask for love’s sake. In Jesus name , Amen


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    Christian Church Fredericksburg VA Oh God, our Father, bless those whom life is unhappy.

    Bless those who are underpaid and overworked, those who never have enough, and those who are always tired.

    Bless those who are always taken for granted, and who are never thanked, and praised, as they ought to be.

    Bless those who have been hurt by life, those who have been wounded by the malice of their enemies or by the faithlessness of their friends.

    Bless those who have been disappointed in something on which they had set their hearts.

    Bless those whom life is lonely and empty, because someone they loved has been taken away.

    Bless those whom illness or weakness has handicapped or made them feel less then.

    Bless those who are worried about those they love.

    You know the needs of each one of us, and You know the secrets of our inmost hearts. Help us today to cast out all our burdens upon You, certain that You care for us, and that You will help.

    This we ask for Your love’s sake. Amen