• APRIL 29

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    Be Of Love We’re throwing a party!! We will be having events where you can bring a piece of furniture and we will teach you how to update it with paint and upgrade it with new knobs and hardware. We will also be teaching how to make custom bulletin boards, gallery frames, monogrammed art, and so much more. If you would like to have an event for your friends give us a call and we will set up a fun get together. We will have many “how to” classes to choose from.

    We are finalizing a special event venue and a place for community cottage industry cooperatives. A place to learn, teach and sell what you make. We will update when we have opening dates.


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    Vintage Painted Furniture So many really great pieces of furniture make it to the goodwill, salvation army and even in the garbage’s of America these days. Folks are throwing out “old stuff” and replacing with manufactured wood and plastic pieces to fit their more disposable lifestyle. While I understand the need to have affordable and changeable furniture available in these times and age I find that if given a choice between the low quality stuff out in many stores now and a quality constructed refinished piece that folks would agree that quality is better.

    So why are so many people buying the ikea or target style furniture? It comes down to convenience and most of all, price. It is not such an easy task first of all to visualize a space and know what exactly to buy top put where and stores know this. They create items that are super neutral and make it easy to feel comfortable buying for any space.These stores follow the trends just like they do for clothing, going to the higher end couture fashion shows and making the same look at a lot less quality to sell cheap and to make a profit. They Do make people happy because people like what they see and they like the price but what they are not getting is quality items. Another key convenience is an easy place to go to and buy, just throw the box in the SUV and throw together at home and there you have a new set of something. It may not be wood, it may even be full of chemical the manufacture uses to makes this real look effect but it looks good and it was easy to find so the consumer is happy.

    Price is foremost the delta from a decision of particle board and real wood structure. Let’s face it the economic climate is less than stellar and we are all doing our best to get by. This is what makes Craigslist and other yard sale places so successful and well visited. People like me are on the lookout for quality wood furniture that i can refinish or make into painted furniture & there are folks that need things “turn-key” are looking at pieces I finish and then sell.

    There are things I buy that are more of a disposable nature- mostly for my kids but not everything. I find that the better quality items much safer especially with young kids climbing on top of things.

    Our goal is to be the perfect pivot between the need for quick and cheap and the real good quality. We enjoy finding pieces to refinish and to sell at a fair price, even most times lower than the junk stuff you have to put together. We really enjoy being a painted furniture store in Fredericksburg Virginia. We enjoy providing folks with quality items and knowing that these items will last a long time and not (at least for many years to come) end up at the garbage.