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    18679483  Let’s face it – life is busy. And one of the byproducts of a busy life is a cluttered house. With piles of paper coming home from school and toys creating obstacle courses in the family room, parents may wonder how they’ll ever take back control of the house. A couple of  Picked, Painted & Prayed Team  share their ideas for doing just that.

    Making the most of small spaces

    Ashley, creative director and artist for  nearly 20 years and an instructor at Paint Workshops, recommends that people start looking at interior spaces in a new way – up. Utilizing a room’s vertical space along the walls takes the heavy lifting off floor space as a catch-all for clutter.

    “Consolidating objects in some kind of containment, whether with shelves, cubes, wall-hung baskets or other organizational options cleans up visual clutter,” she says.

    This technique is especially beneficial in small living areas. In these situations, adding vertical modular storage units opens up space for tables and couches, while adding utility and keeping potentially harmful items away from small hands.

    Family-friendly furniture

    Erin, life class director at PaintWorkshops, Fredericksburg advises families to think toward the future when choosing furniture items. “Durability, easy maintenance and flexibility of the fabric are essential,” she says. Children will grow up quickly so choosing materials that meet the family’s needs now and in the future is highly advisable.

    Both Ashley and Erin suggest nylon upholstery and durable, low-sheen furniture finishes, fiber seal textiles and individual lounge chairs sharing an ottoman instead of a loveseat. These combinations offer form, function, and style, as well as the opportunity to fit in alongside new furniture purchases.

    “Selecting furniture with clean lines, in subdued patterns in a medium value range – not too light or dark – can work in a variety of settings,” Erin adds.

    To add pops of color, change the wall paint. Erin suggests choosing Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) free products – because they are very eco- and child-friendly. These paints don’t emit any toxic fumes and are completely odorless making it possible to literally paint a bedroom and have the kids sleep in it that same evening. “It also allows for flexibility of changing things around without huge costs, especially when transitioning from a nursery to a preschooler to a preteen, etc,” shares Erin.

    Keeping peace in shared spaces

    It’s hard enough to convince siblings to share a tablet; what happens when they have to share closet space?

    “Sharing a closet is best accomplished when it is clear who controls which space,” asserts Ashley.

    She recommends defining areas based on age – for example, placing an older child’s clothing on the top level of a double-hung closet. The area can be accessed via a stepstool – out of a younger sibling’s reach.

    Another option is to hang two bars extending into the depth of the closet, rather than one utilizing the width of the closet.

    “Two bars on each side, in double-hung fashion, gives each child four feet of hanging space,” she says. And it may help to keep the peace when it’s time to choose an outfit.

    A time and place for individual style

    While parents show off their acquired style through furniture choices, artwork and decor, children’s style can be a bit more – changeable.

    Erin suggests that parents provide children with flexible display systems that show off their creativity in a simple, neat and contained package.

    “Magnetic paint gives children direct control over what they display, allowing them to change displays whenever they want. A large frame with a plexi shield is a lightweight way to display a variety of flat work like children’s custom artwork.”

    Creating a functional living space – where parents and children coexist harmoniously – doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By choosing durable but stylish furniture, practical storage solutions, and allowing everyone the chance to express their style in defined places, your home can become a haven for all ages.


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    {Holiday Gift Guide- Picked, Painted and Prayed}

    Are you ready to meet another Holiday Gift Guide Sponsor today? 
    I’m so excited to introduce you to Picked, Painted and Prayed because not only is their storehouse amazing, it’s local to me, so unlike many of the awesome sponsors I work with,
     I can visit whenever I want.
    When I first ran across Erin’s work, I was immediately smitten
    She shares my love for painted furniture, up-cycling, and re-purposing- 
    I’m pretty sure we’re decorating soul sisters. 
    Except she takes painting to a whole new level that I can only dream of. 
    I am dying for this painted dresser and mirror combo for my studio. 
    Seriously, dying.


    Love those stripes, and that telephone table
     makes me miss actually having a corded telephone
     I just adore her eye for unique designs and style.
    Check out those benches, wouldn’t they be adorable in a mudroom?
    In addition to pre-painted pieces, they also offer custom builds, 
    interior design and portrait oil paintings.
    Do you have a piece in your home or office that needs re-painting? 
    Looking to update an old dining room table or give a hand me down dresser new life?
    They offer custom work, at very affordable prices and a 1-2 week turn around.
    In a DIY mood?
    Check out their line of Amy Howard at Home Paints
    and get to work on your own masterpiece!
    Need a little inspiration or direction? Enroll in one of their workshops!



    If you’re local to the Northern Virginia area, I highly suggest you stop in to one of their Storehouse Gatherings the last Saturday of the month for specials, refreshments and giveaways! Tell them Abby Maddy sent you!

    Picked, Painted and Prayed
    Find them on Facebook

    Storehouse & Treasuries ❤ 21 Commerce Parkway Suite 101, Fredericksburg VA 22406.

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    furniture warehouse fredericksburg We are planning on opening our marketplace the first of August about Aug 3rd or so. It will be the Picked, Painted & Prayed Storehouse & Treasuries. We are excited to have such a creative space and not only are we thankful to our clients but first God who has made these provisions for us- thus the choosing of our name. Thank you our beautiful and caring Father for all that you are and always will be…I love you! Our space will be a space not only to enjoy the neato creative items but to spend time just “being” and enjoying each others company and building each other up to what God intended each one of us to be. So keep that in mind when you come in- and come as you are- there will always be coffee and paint sessions and free creative events . I can not wait and am also happy to finally be able to get my house back- my family has been so patient and loving but it is time to grow taller and open up at our new place. See you in August… (in the meantime if you would like to see one of our pieces please contact for an appt).


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    goodday Picked and Painted is working on our new home and in the meantime we are enjoying clients coming to our home studio and our storage warehouse. As always we like to keep it very simple- no fancy junk or things to make our prices go up so we thank everyone for allowing us to stay humble and just “be”. We work night and day (we do) to provide our customers the most unique and special pieces and finds to make their home or spaces full of special items. We always work with the customer and will do our best to provide the best price that is as fair as we can get it to you…we accept cash and credit cards and also don’t forget to ask about layaway- it helps buy what you want without breaking the budget and so that you don’t miss out on that special piece. Our new shop is set to launch this fall and we also are planning on spending some road time at events with like-minded friends. As always, we are so darn thankful to the community and the support of our clients and beautiful friends and mostly to God for always moving those big mountains.


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    My prayers go out to everyone hurting and affected by the tornado’s in Oklahoma. It is hard to understand fully unless we were there but I know that this must be unbelievable to all of them and I pray that they can tie together their hearts together as a community and help heal the holes left in those who lost loved ones so quickly. What I know for certain with all that I am is that God is in our eternal home waiting to gather each one of us up in His arms as we come through time into Him.

    Father I come to you with a humble heart and ask you to cover each one of these families and folks in the that were affected in your love and peace and give each heart good meaning for each of their stories. Although I know no one personally affected, these are our brothers and sisters and my heart is heavy for them and my love I hope can be carried through in prayer to you, Father. Please help them heal and hold onto your hope and be given grace from others becuase of you, because we are all your family. In your loving sons name, Jesus- amen.


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    In Memory of My Frineds, Friend. Each day we (most of us) see folks everyday. We walk by, say our hello’s and how do you do’s, wave, acknowledge with a nod or just look straight ahead and bare see who walked by us. Sometimes by chance we connect to people we never knew before, get to know them and either become friends or perhaps decide that maybe the connection was not so great after all. One of the most beautiful things in life is finding those people who you truly feel connected with and they become friends, confidants, partners in life. These people are gifts to us and throughout our lives will help push us along, hold us up, share in wonderful memories, hold our hand through tough times and high five us in great times. We are by them, loved and through us we give love back.

    Some of us have folks like that in our lives that we know we could not do without and are the people that because we truly connect with we can give or see one glance and know what they are thinking, needing, dreaming- with these connections we know that between us, Eyes Are Deep. Looking into their eyes means something special…more and it is a knowing with without words can express to each other.

    Some of us have connections in our lives that are also through the heart for our pets, the creature gifts that God gives to us and us to them. These gifts are so special to us. With our pets we usually feel able to let go and just completely be of love in their presence, sometimes more than we can then the people in our lives. We feel unconditional love and they feel the same…they want to love us, obey us, be our friend, do silly things, love us even more when we give them special attention or treats. We take special care of these creatures in our life and sometimes show the best of ourselves through the pure love we show them. Pets are a gift from God to show us how He loves us and how He wants us to love Him. He is the master and we the creature, the spirit. How tender the love we have for our pets and them for us. Have you ever looked into the eyes of your pet and just stayed there and were just there with them, connected, feeling as one complete love, vulnerable and open? If you have then you know just then what True Love is like and that you can find this in the “Eyes of The Deep”.

    My friend had a tough moment of life this week and helped her beloved dog Daniel let go of this place and be in peace. It is hard to know what to say to someone especially if you have never lost a pet. A few years ago I lost my dog, Cheyanne to a car accident and I remember how lost I felt without her, how she was an anchor in my life, a step in each part of my day. Every night when I went to sleep for a couple of months I looked to the sky and whispered to her that I loved and missed her. I missed her ability to love me unconditionally, I missed loving her with the joy I did. She was a big part of my joy when she was with me and I decided to not blame myself for letting her out that night when she was hit by that car but keep the joy and love she gave me in my heart and make it a part of the true love in me, allowing me to be more deep. I hope that my friend can remember his eyes and all the love that not only was behind them but also some of what she helped to create.


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    As the warmer weather is upon us, it brings many new activities: baseball, picnics, beach time and – best of all – garage sales. People are purging what they don’t need or no longer want. It’s the perfect opportunity to turn their trash into your treasure.- From outdated odds and ends to forgotten furniture, there is a wealth of worthy items just waiting to be found, re-imagined and re-purposed.

    Pretty in paint

    Rusty metal, chipped paint, colors from another decade – they are common sights for the garage sale shopper. But when you look beyond these imperfections – and at their spray paint potential – you’ll soon find some diamonds in the rough.

    Metal products, such as tables, chairs, garden tools or even watering cans, can receive an easy and instant update with Krylon Paint. The product, available in a kazillion colors and finishes, dries in a super fast eight minutes. As you create your new masterpieces, you won’t have to worry about grass, leaves or other particles getting stuck in your fresh coat of paint. Plus, the paint provides the ultimate protection against rust, keeping your new treasures looking amazing, regardless of the elements they face.

    If it’s color you desire, look no further than Krylon’s new ColorMaster spray paint with bold, bright or basic hues to update your new findings. Turn blah and bland wood chairs, dusty and drab dressers or awful accessories into amazing furniture or accents with the extensive line of color and finish choices. Covermax technology provides premium coverage and brilliant color. It’s a new formulation that achieves better hide without relying on shading or fillers that can darken or wash out colors. The result is hues that are clean and crisp.

    New uses for old things

    The key to finding items at garage sales is to look at how they can be used in new and different ways. Don’t view that dusty, broken typewriter or vintage camera as mechanical pieces you have to fix, but rather as interesting design elements to be admired on bookshelves and mantels.

    Even old books can add a level of sophistication to your home. Grab a handful in coordinating colors to stack on a dresser or end table for instant eye appeal. Buy an old ladder and prop it against the wall to drape blankets. You can paint an old coffee mug rack to create a fabulous jewelry organizer to hang all your favorite accessories. The possibilities are endless.

    Turning up treasures

    If your main reason for getting giddy over garage sales is to make a quick buck, you’re not alone. Valuable items could lurk at every turn, and they are just waiting to be snatched up by eager buyers.

    Before you head out to garage sales, however, do your research and read up on collectibles. Generally, pieces with high nostalgia will fetch a higher price tag. Think classic lunch boxes, comic books, sports memorabilia or board games – things you loved as a kid that never seem to go out of style. You can also enlist the help of a collectibles expert, who can tell you everything you need to know.

    As you head outdoors this summer on a hunt for some bargain fixer-upper or forgotten gems, keep your eyes peeled and your mind open. The perfect addition to your home is right around the corner.- You just have to use your imagination and bring it back to life.

  • APRIL 29

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    Be Of Love We’re throwing a party!! We will be having events where you can bring a piece of furniture and we will teach you how to update it with paint and upgrade it with new knobs and hardware. We will also be teaching how to make custom bulletin boards, gallery frames, monogrammed art, and so much more. If you would like to have an event for your friends give us a call and we will set up a fun get together. We will have many “how to” classes to choose from.

    We are finalizing a special event venue and a place for community cottage industry cooperatives. A place to learn, teach and sell what you make. We will update when we have opening dates.


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    How beautiful my life is with Him at my side at every step- make Him your love too and live in the sunshine, in the beauty of Him.



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    Shabby Chic Full Size Bed Fredericksburg VA As spring approaches, other New Year’s resolutions may be a distant memory but the urge to improve your home can find new life when the weather warms. The transition of seasons is a perfect opportunity to refocus on improving yourself and your space.

    Repaint and refresh
    One of the easiest and quickest ways to refresh the look of your home is with paint. Repainting any room will instantly transform it into a showpiece of your style and taste, while giving you control over the mood of the space.

    Keeping up with the latest movement in the world of interior design, Pratt & Lambert Paints recently released its 2013 Color Trends Forecast, which juxtaposes dark and light, bold and subdued and bright and pastel. Highlighting the distinct moods and styles of the everyday and elevating the sensory experience, each of the four collections showcases how contrasting colors can form a very balanced design scheme, perfect for a fresh, balanced start to a new season.

    Whether you do it yourself or hire the  help of a skilled painting contractor and use the right color selections, in a matter of hours, you can transform any room into a reflection of your personal style and panache.

    If you have limited time or afraid of an entire room change then go with painted furniture or of course stop by our painted furniture shop in Frederickburg VA.

    Cover corrections
    That old chair you love might be comfortable, but even one piece of furniture with visibly worn or outdated fabric can ruin the look of an entire room ( i just moved and have several of these projects begging me to redo them in my living room). Fortunately, there is an easy way to create a more on-trend space without having to say goodbye to old favorites. Re-upholster old chair cushions with a plush fabric in a bold, new pattern or color. Re-stain weathered wooden tables and chairs, or paint them a solid color for a modern, chic look. You can even purchase pre-made full sofa or armchair covers in a wide variety of styles and fabrics if you are looking for an instant fix. Add a few stylish pillows in coordinating colors and any room’s furniture will become like new in no time.

    A different light
    You can easily change a room’s entire aura by adjusting how it’s lit. A visit to any home store’s lighting section will reveal seemingly endless options. Change out a dull overhead light with an elaborate chandelier for a turn-of-the-century look. Standing floor lamps are available in nearly any finish and style and are perfect for a sitting or living area, while wall sconces can create a soft, romantic glow while saving floor space. If you’re not ready to purchase new lighting elements, you can easily renew the look of your space by updating lamp shades, painting the bases or simply rearranging freestanding lights.

    Little things can make the biggest difference, and putting finishing touches on a space will give it personality, making it your own. Changing or adding decorative rugs, pieces of art, throw pillows and other furnishings can completely change the feel of a room. Experiment with different styles and materials throughout the room, but avoid going overboard with too many knick-knacks, which can create a cluttered, crowded feel. You can also give your home additional sensory appeal by adding aromatic candles or stylish oil diffusers, instantly creating a more inviting space. I just love my BH&G amber cashmere candle tarts…smells so “cozy”.

    With a few focused efforts, you can say goodbye to winter in style, and create a rejuvenated home you’ll be proud to show off throughout the year to come.