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It is always about loving God and enjoying what I do...it is about creating and making something better and then sharing it. Kind of like how we need to be in life. When I work (paint, create) I pray and pray hard because I know God can move a mountain and he can create for anyone a new life...


There is not a day that goes by that we at Picked & Painted don't sit for a moment and really thank God for the community we live in & for the wonderful folks in it. We are so grateful for the support and know that we do this together!



I am a woman after God's own heart. After years in the business sector & having enough of egos, I decided to take time off to write several books. Following a gentle nudge from God, I starting painting- took a break from writing (for a little bit, waiting on God for that) & love having the time to work &pray. I am a no bones about it gal that is in love with Jesus Christ. He inspires all that I do. If you don't know Jesus and want to, ask Him and he will share with you, Himself. As far as the furniture, I am grateful to be able to create these pieces and most pieces are painted while I spend my thoughts with God. I don't worry about building an empire or an ego, it is about God, the furniture is a creative result of His love for me. Would love to meet You, so stop by!


    It is that one piece that you saved up for, that you love to show off as it shares a bit about who you are…it makes you glad in your soul. In all that you do, make a statement…make it good.


    I am inspired by words & music, by smiles from my children and when someone does good. I am inspired by others stories. Mostly I am inspired by God. He made beautiful; share in it.


    Life is one of those things that you have no idea what it will bring you. Making your space functional & pretty may make whatever comes your way a little bit easier…or just easier to find.


    I find in my life & listening to others that I meet that it is always the small stuff that gives us the biggest love. Slow down, turn slowly, look for those small things and your heart will grow big too. Lean on Jesus

Items For Sale // We are located Fredericksburg VA 22406. ❤Stop by & visit Tues- Sat 10-4. We accept cash, check and cc.Many more items in our Storehouse! .Delivery is available. TO VIEW CURRENT AVAILABLE ITEMS CLICK 7AVAILABLE! in THE CATEGORY SEARCH!

Stuff To Share // Check back often for inspiration, special deals, our commercials, blog posts, featured items, trips & picking adventure sharing and even the silly tales of my toddler and ten year old daughter.


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    Luke 16:10

    He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much; and he who is unrighteous in a very little thing is unrighteous also in much.

    SANYO DIGITAL CAMERANotice, the little things come before the big things. If you want to have responsibility committed to you in this life, whether it be by God or by man, cultivate faithfulness in the little things. Cultivate punctuality. Cultivate answering your emails and messages. Cultivate keeping your promises, even if they are only apparently trivial things, because there is a God who is watching you. He’s assessing your character. He’s determining whether you are to be trusted with great things.

    Some people have got all the words and all the qualifications but they never come up with results. Even if you have to find somebody to work for you or somebody to work with you, don’t go just by the big words and by their qualifications. Watch that person in small things. See how they handle the little responsibilities. Judge them by the way they behave when nobody’s watching them, when issues don’t seem big. Because the truth of the matter is, if they are faithful in small things, they will be faithful in the bigger things. If they are unfaithful in the small things, then don’t commit to them the big things. That applies to those with whom you want to work. It applies to you, too. And it’s God’s way of assessing you and determining what you are really worth. He watches you in the small things and judges you from those.


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    John 3:27

    John answered and said, “A man can receive nothing, unless it has been given him from heaven.”     NASB

    GodBasically, there are two ways of getting things: One is receiving and one is grabbing and taking. A lot of people get things by grabbing, but the trouble with grabbing is what you get is not permanent. You can have it for a while, but ultimately it will not be yours. It will just be stuff, and stuff you don’t need. The other way to get things is to receive. To receive what God has for you. And in the long run, you are not going to have more than you receive from God no matter how good you get at grabbing for yourself.

    The only thing that’s permanent in your life or in mine is that which we receive from God. So why don’t you stop grabbing for awhile. Stop grasping, stop trying to get, and just turn to God and say, “God, whatever You want me to have, that’s what I want. I’ll be more than good enough. I will not go after that big position or that large sum of money or temporary pleasure unless, God, I can receive it from You.” Because what you receive from God will bless you. It will be truly yours. It will be permanent. It will not do you harm in the end. Whereas the things you get by grasping often, in the long run, you’ll be sorry you ever reached for them and grasped them. It was something you went after from your own self, not the heart of God. So remember the true things, the things that bring peace and real blessings, are the things that you received from heaven and from God.



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    Matthew 6:9

    Pray, then, in this way: “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name.”

    imagesThe two most important words in that pattern prayer are the first two words, “Our Father.”

    First of all, we need to know that we can pray to a Father, that the world is not just a haphazard set of circumstances. It is not just a silly notion of materialistic forces which no one can understand or control. We are more than just machines. We are more than just impulses. We are living, breathing human beings, created in the likeness of a God who loves us and cares for us and wants to be our Father. Behind everything in this world is not just some inanimate force, some mysterious power, but an eternal, living being, and He is our Father. He is in control. He created the world. He created us. He put us in the world. We are here because He put us here. That makes all the difference in the way we feel about life, about the world, about situations and circumstances. We don’t need to be lonely. We don’t need to be insecure. Everything is in the Father’s hand.

    And then, “He is our Father,” He has a lot of children. We are just one of those children. We need to remember that the others are His children, too. We need to think about them, we need to care for one another. We need to be kind to one another. We need to provide for one another. We need to show the same love and compassion for one another that He shows for us. Remember, it’s our Father.

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