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It is always about loving God and enjoying what I do...it is about creating and making something better and then sharing it. Kind of like how we need to be in life. When I work (paint, create) I pray and pray hard because I know God can move a mountain and he can create for anyone a new life...


There is not a day that goes by that we at Picked & Painted don't sit for a moment and really thank God for the community we live in & for the wonderful folks in it. We are so grateful for the support and know that we do this together!


We all haul our own life junk around, so keep in mind that your brother & sisters of your God family also carry around their lifes burdens. Remember not to only pray for them but to also be ready to help carry their load until they get to where God wants them to go.



I am a woman after God's own heart. After years in the business sector & having enough of egos, I decided to take time off to write several books. Following a gentle nudge from God, I starting painting- took a break from writing (for a little bit, waiting on God for that) & love having the time to work &pray. I am a no bones about it gal that is in love with Jesus Christ. He inspires all that I do. If you don't know Jesus and want to, ask Him and he will share with you, Himself. As far as the furniture, I am grateful to be able to create these pieces and most pieces are painted while I spend my thoughts with God. I don't worry about building an empire or an ego, it is about God, the furniture is a creative result of His love for me. All new pieces are located on our facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/PickedPaintedandPrayed/


    It is that one piece that you saved up for, that you love to show off as it shares a bit about who you are…it makes you glad in your soul. In all that you do, make a statement…make it good.


    I am inspired by words & music, by smiles from my children and when someone does good. I am inspired by others stories. Mostly I am inspired by God. He made beautiful; share in it.


    Life is one of those things that you have no idea what it will bring you. Making your space functional & pretty may make whatever comes your way a little bit easier…or just easier to find.


    I find in my life & listening to others that I meet that it is always the small stuff that gives us the biggest love. Slow down, turn slowly, look for those small things and your heart will grow big too. Lean on Jesus

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Stuff To Share // Our thoughts on meditation with God, sharing of our prayer life and things that inspire us like God's word, how the Holy Spirit moves through all of us, books, music and fellowship news.


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    10671473_10152376813971895_5724450083186700587_n My favorite lil smile. Love my daughter. This is such a great representation of love in and love out. Here is this sweet child who has walked through many trials in life, in family and even during her own personal challenges. This young girl who will be twelve in several days or so knows who she is and is quite comfortable weighing out her needs and wants and derives the importance of that all through Christ as her example. For her, she is still in her infancy as as Christian and how precious that can be. She is finding how God’s word ribbons through the details of her own cloth and how to shift her human behavior to bend at the feet of Jesus. She is perhaps young in understanding of the world’s ways as of now and as much as I can I keep her from the unnecessary of that all. I share with her the must knows and the sometimes unfortunate relates we face here in earth so she is prepared.

    What I adore about this particular photo is the presence of Christ living in her. This I know because of the love speaking out through these eyes. The love that is in is also coming out. It is curious to know me and to sit with me in love. It wants to share with me what it knows and fill in what I do not yet understand of it. It wants not to judge me; not even from the minute of mistakes before or the mountain of ones from the rest of my passing through. It does not want to rush me and tell me that the world has more important things to do and that we can’t sit close in to each other and feel appreciated without wanting to be better than the other.

    This love never meets in with hurts but with truth of what is real, what is important. It gets to the point which is always Christ. When we meet together as Christians and as families of Christians, with love and with Him right next to us. We must remember this and honor each other with love, with kindness of this and tender gardening of each other.

    My daughter here says it all. “Hi there person who is my Mom in life, one who holds my hand and the Hand of Christ. I am curious about this love inside, this love i know you live in but don’t own. Sit with me a while and lets be of it. let us be of Love. ”

    That simple- Be of Love always. With everyone. We should be looking for that curiosity of sight in the hearts, minds and eyes of others and know that it is our duty to honor God and honor this growing tall in Christ in others. It is about fellowship every single moment of every day. It is all about Him.

    It is a wonderful life really when the ones around us all start reminding us of Him instead of the world around us. In this we can know that our lives are living in Him, with honor and with His miracle of Love.


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    Prayer_an-invitation-to-prayer Prayer is so important- it is truly our special time with God. It is the time, the breathing out of our life in a sense that we do together with God. Of course we can spend this time asking for the healing, protection over, strength for us, our family and friends but imagine this if you have yet to; God is not only your God, He is indeed your Papa and you His little child. What this means whether you are man or woman, “tough”, introverted, leader, doer, sinner, CEO, artist, toilet bowl cleaner etc, it means you have this amazing Father who knows everything about you and He loves you more than anyone could ever love you. It does not matter the cause behind your last 5 weeks, 5 months or five years. What matters is what is in that five minutes more or less of course that you spend with Him in prayer. Prayer that is you and He spending time in the telling from your heart and the listening of His answers. Prayer is also never saying anything at all and The Holy Spirit will for you with sure groans of things that are too deep for words (amazing experience this is). Prayer is going over your day with God and meditating on His word. Prayer is about changing our hearts, not routine words that sometimes take over our prayer life just to say that we prayed. Prayer is our connection with our true family, Our God that we have in inheritance of Jesus Christ. In prayer we are given guidance, we allow the world to step back and disappear and we allow the eternal perspective of our hearts to be led by The Spirit. What would be the first thing you may say to God upon being in front of Him? We certainly come into His presence in prayer, so tell Him those words, don’t wait. It will change your heart and your existence here into something that grows for Him and also brings light to others. If we keep quite in our time of prayer because of tradition or timidness or just feeling lost for words, go somewhere quite close your eyes and know God is with you just waiting to hear the deep parts of your heart.

  • LEAD ME…

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    I really love hearing this song. It is a great reminder to all of us to lead each other in our relationships, whether it be romantic, family, friendship and every relationship it may apply to.

    Lead me…

    Remember that each moment is a moment to lead and be the light. It can be lonely sometimes in life from moment to moment even when things seem to look so perfect for the people in our lives.

    No matter how great someone’s life may look to you or perhaps not, we must take every opportunity to speak to them from our hearts, to be the light and lead them to a loving place at every opportunity.

    We should never intend to lead them to a place to help better ourselves or for self edification. We should seek God each day and ask Him how He wants us to lead folks to Him each day.

    He will put on your heart the love speak, the words, the things to do or remind you of the times to be quiet.

    Our goal here is one, to worship our God and also we are commissioned to lead each other to the cross daily.

    Each one of us also yearns for fellowship and to be led. Let us do that for each other everyday. We can’t do this life alone, you have to be willing to fight…even past your own obstacles that were life created. All we have to know is to ask Him everyday how to and he will lead us how to do it!

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